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90% of people screen their phone calls and don't pick up an unknown phone number anymore.

Sure, you can dig in your heels about smiling and dialing. Phone time and in-person connection will always be important in this business, but make no mistake about it - your team is behind the ball if you don’t believe that your sales messaging and sales copy matter IMMENSELY. 

Like it or not, people will instantly judge you (and your company), and whether or not they want to work with you, based on the words you use.

Sales Messaging (or Copywriting) is no longer a “nice-to-have” skill in recruiting, staffing, and sales.

It’s a non-negotiable. The sales process can’t start without it.

This has little to do with spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Sales Copywriting is anything intended to persuade the right reader or viewer to take a specific action.

You need to understand the psychology and the words that make people respond to you and work with you.

  • Being engaging on the phone alone won’t make you successful.
  • Having the most client meetings alone won’t make you successful.
  • Making the most dials alone won’t make you successful.
  • Driving traffic to your LinkedIn page alone won’t make you successful.

Until you learn how to write insanely effective sales messages, none of those things matter, because the product or service you hope to offer doesn’t convert at the rate it should. You don’t get enough people’s attention to make real leaps in your business.

Sales messaging and copywriting is the great amplifier.

And you can write powerful, high-converting sales messages, sales copy, and job ads (even if you think you're not a good writer).


Your sales messages are directly tied to your revenue.

If sales messaging is a skill your team has never been taught or properly trained on - you can no longer afford to ignore it. It’s time to address it NOW.

"My messaging and sales copy is working decently so far. Why does improving it matter?"

Because good is the enemy of great. “Good enough” doesn’t grow your book. It's no secret that the recruiting and sales space has become a noisy, overcrowded place. There's more competition than ever, making it more and more difficult to stand out and get noticed.

No matter how good a recruiting or sales professional you are, no matter how hard you work, or how many hours you work, some of the most important skills you need to develop to thrive and succeed in this business are as follows:

You must learn to communicate your message in a way

that inspires people to say YES.

If you're not seeing the results you want from your messaging, more work and more hours pushing out the same ineffective messages are not the answer. If you want your business to grow and sustain over the long-term, you must learn how to use the right words.

Strong writing is a required skill if you want

to make an impact and have long-term financial success.

I know this personally because writing strong, effective messages helped me grow a multi-million dollar sales book and hold a top 10% spot in my line of business for the entirety of my 14 year recruiting and sales career, all while managing 2 young kids at home for the last 10 of them. (No nanny, no live-in help, no hidden lifelines. Just working smarter and making every message count.)

The one thing I've watched crush otherwise-strong sales

professionals was a lack of clear, compelling,

and persuasive writing.

Which is exactly why I want to help. I spent months unpacking what I know works in this business, partnered with a sales messaging expert, and built and tested a system that shows you STEP-BY-STEP how to write emails and messages that are powerful, persuasive, and sound like your unique voice. 

"I would highly recommend hiring Henna for this program for your entire team."

"I recently took Henna’s Recruiter’s Copy Clinic which was focused on messaging for email and social media. Her workshop was extremely well organized and provided excellent content/ideas and overall training. She has a strong ability to help you think deeply about how to construct the concepts that support the language, how to make it compelling and ultimately how to write killer sales/recruiting copy/messages. I would highly recommend hiring Henna for this program for your entire team." 

- Angela Aronica, Emerald Talent Group

"Henna proved me wrong."

"I didn't think writing could be taught. Henna proved me wrong. I hate being wrong, but I'll get over it with the money we'll make!"

- Danny Cahill, Award-Winning Staffing Trainer & President of Hobson Associates

"I can't say enough good things about Henna, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to elevate themselves and and their teams."

"Working with a coach who really gets recruiting, and can use her passion in this way has been awesome! The Recruiter Rewire training and more recently Copy Clinic are helping me think about my business, clients and candidates in a different way. I can't say enough good things about Henna, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to elevate themselves and and their teams."

- Kristy Boles, The CFO Suite

Recruiter's Copy Clinic Curriculum

  The NEW Recruiter's Copy Clinic - Take a peek inside!
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  Welcome to the Recruiter's Copy Clinic!
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  Workshop 1: Sales Messaging Must-Haves
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  Workshop 2: Don't Lose a Lead!
Available in days
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  Workshop 3: From Deleted to Deals Closed
Available in days
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  Workshop 4: Winning Words (and Not a Second Wasted)
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  BONUS MODULE: RCC - Text Messaging 101
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  Wrap-Up Video, Examples, and How-To Resources
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  Recruiter's Copy Clinic - BONUSES!
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About Henna Pryor, PCC

Henna is CEO of Pryority Group, and a 14 year top-performing staffing leader turned 2x TEDx and Global Keynote Speaker, Certified Executive Coach, and Sales and Staffing Trainer. She's the creator of the Recruiter's Copy Clinic - the industry's most powerful sales messaging and copywriting training program for recruiting and staffing professionals.

She has won multiple big, fancy awards for her work and has been featured in really important and cool publications like Forbes, Monster, Glassdoor, Real Simple, Fast Company, and many more. 

She currently spends her days coaching and training recruiting and staffing professionals (from firms ranging from small to Fortune 50) in order to measurably transform their businesses and increase revenues.

When not helping teams get out of their own way, Henna enjoys traveling the world with her husband and two school-aged kids, testing the next great restaurant in the Philly/DE metro area, going to see live music, working out, being the social-event planner amongst her group of friends, and hunting down a good piece of chocolate at any hour of the day. (It’s never too early for a Ghirardelli dark square.) 

Learn more about Henna at www.pryoritygroup.com, and please say hi while you’re at it.